WordPress Timeline Themes, Cool Facebook Inspired Content Timelines

Inspired by Facebook timeline, the Facebook timeline style WordPress themes intend to share your work, blog or interests in a unique and trendy way. Timeline themes are popular in 2016, and it’s easy to see why.  They’re familiar to those of us who use Facebook regularly and the layout lends itself to easy to consume information and a great layout on desktop or mobile devices.  The Facebook interface has been popular and widely used by billions of people. These themes are working similar as Facebook timeline and offering more features to showcase your creative work, services and skills, highlight milestones from your career or your journey. The flexible design allows you to easily personalize your website appearance as you like and write something nice on your blog.

Timeline themes for WordPress are incredibly popular these days and it’s plain as day to see why.  They’re familiar to those of us who use Facebook regularly and the layout lends itself to easy to consume information and a great layout on desktop or mobile devices.  The Facebook interface has been popular and widely used by billions of people. These themes are working similar as Facebook timeline and offering more features to showcase your creative work, services and skills, highlight milestones from your career or your journey. The flexible design allows you to easily personalize your website appearance as you like and write something nice on your blog.

In this collection, we will showcase the best Facebook timeline style WordPress themes which are well crafted for portfolio, wedding blog, travel logs, personal resume and more in a way of Facebook timeline. Hope you will love it!

The Curator

The Curator – Premium Timeline Theme for Artists WordPress Theme Reviews

The Curator is a unique timeline based portfolio or blog theme that we could have just as easily added to our collection of educational themes for WordPress.  This theme was created with museums or artists in mind, but folks who want to educate their visitors about art history will find a lot of value in The Curator as well.  The Curator has amassed a solid rating of 4.37 on ThemeForest and with over 700 downloads, it’s proven to be quite popular.  The Curator supports touch gestures so your readers can swipe their way through your content.  Options are handled through the capable and familiar WordPress theme customizer.  There’s a parallax background support, easy post slider and more.  Solid stuff overall.

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Exposure is a WordPress full screen portfolio and timeline theme, it allows you to showcase your work with over half a dozen different portfolio variations and styles, each one a masterpiece of design work.  There are masonry or carousel layouts which really work well to make your content stand out.  Impactful, that’s what exposure is all about.  And of course, why this theme is here with the other WordPress timeline themes, the slick and interactive timeline feature is a real standout.  With Exposure, you can manage multiple galleries with gallery and showcase templates.  You’ll be able to choose from three separate blog layouts and the Exposure theme is 100% fluid and responsive, quickly adapting to any screen size.  That responsiveness is more and more important every day, since responsive themes are a ranking factor for Google.  The built in site customizer is classic, easy to use and powerful, there are built in hooks so you can add your own custom functions and Exposure supports a wide variety of post formats too.

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Throne WordPress Minimalist Business Theme

The Throne WordPress theme is obviously an impressive option for any type of professional or individual website design needs and with two blog layouts, masonry and a unique timeline blog, it’s perfect for adding to this category of WordPress themes. However, Throne’s visual minimalism and polished appearance lend themselves best to portfolio pages for any industry from art to emerging technology. It’s always nice to have options, right?  I think so.  Throne’s tasteful style does not get in the way of the content, gallery examples and products on any website so the focus is always on exactly what any freelancer or company wants site visitors to see. The Throne WP theme also offers security, reliability and ultimate responsiveness for use with all sizes of in-office machines or mobile devices. Its high-tech development and flexibility are the keys to creating stunning and powerful websites perfect for showcasing what you have to offer.

Throne makes it simple to showcase creative projects in a clean and elegant format. Multiple home and gallery templates let you customize each page for total uniqueness and function. No matter what layout or design is chosen, the main focus remains on the work. Throne offers a fresh, minimalist look that stays out of the way of content. Every page can be structurally edited with included Layout Builders or set templates for important pages like Services and About Us. With all of these options and the natural responsiveness for mobile access, the Throne WP theme offers a great option for creative professionals.

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Chronology WordPress Timeline Theme

Chronology, from the folks at MyThemeShop, is a timeline-style WordPress theme, but it’s much more than that.  It’s a gateway to another dimension, one where your posts can be shown in chronological order, taking your readers on a journey of the mind.  The lovely masonry post display, a powerful custom and attractive design, and tons of incredible features, make Chronology a perfect choice for anyone looking for a really unique way to display their content.  Chronology has also added WooCommerce support, is perfectly optimized for incredible SEO performance, as well as Adsense.  Throw in premium support and detailed documentation, and Chronology is a great choice for any site that wants a well made timeline feature to highlight content over time.  Oh yeah, Chronology is perfectly responsive too, so it’ll look wonderful on each and every device your readers use.


Ultra WordPress Portfolio Theme with Timeline feature

Want a unique way to present your posts?  How about a cool looking timeline?  With Ultra, a premium drag and drop theme builder, you can add a powerful timeline to any post via short codes.  That makes for a really interesting way to present your content, your company history or your personal history.  With Ultra, you get plenty more features that help make your site the best it can be.  Themify has included almost a dozen (and counting!) premade skins to create a different look and feel for your website.  Each one is slightly different, but a great way to present any sort of content.  For more WordPress timeline themes, try this collection.

You can import demo data with one click, change up theme settings, content, menus, widgets and more, which saves a ton of time when creating a website for yourself or a client.  Themify’s timeline module is just one of a number of great features that are included, you can display all of your posts and text as they happened throughout time, sort of like Facebook’s timeline feature.  Customize the size of text, add images, sort posts based on ID numbers, date, title, modification date or even sort randomly.  It’s really a cool way to present a wide range of content.

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monarch wordpress community theme

Monarch is an innovative theme that can be used on WordPress. It has been programmed to accommodate pages dedicated to community and social networking. Among its many features are three distinct homepage options. Users can choose the default homepage display, which combines small and medium-sized posts in three columns. There are also masonry and timeline options that offer a more symmetric display with two and three-feed columns respectively.  This particular WordPress theme is also unique because it has a widgets page where users can place any widgets of their choosing for easier content access. Then there is the live customizer, which makes interface customization a breeze. Choose color schemes, backgrounds and other display elements to make your page stand out even more.

Equipped with BuddyPress, this theme allows users to make use of special features that are reflective of social media networks from post feeds, user profiles, groups, notifications, and so much more. Additional cover page functionalities enable users to customize their pages even more with beautified headers.  Aside from ensuring that all important elements of social networking sites are made available on a page, BuddyPress also offers other support features like No Captcha reCaptcha, which adds Google’s Captcha confirmation box to the page’s registration form. What this does is prevent robot accounts from being created. It also has a liking component, allowing community members to like any post across the platform.

To foster engagement amongst community members, the theme provides access to bbPress, allowing developers to have an active discussion area within the page. With a translation tool in place, it is easy to utilize the theme for various sites catering to different audience nationalities. Finally, high-resolution content display and an infinite scrolling feature from JetPack automatically loads content when community members approach the bottom of the main page.

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Cool Stuff

Cool Stuff Timeline Theme for WordPress

Cool Stuff is a magazine and blog theme with a fun and creative timeline feature, to help show the progression of your content.  Cool Stuff has a fantastic, responsive layout that works perfectly on any web-ready device, it’s got a rad set of short codes to help deliver content the way you want to deliver it, it’s got tons of custom widgets and more.  I think one of the best things about Cool Stuff, is it’s ability to be customized.  Tesla Themes has built this theme around the Tesla Framework, which gives Cool Stuff the flexibility to allow for just about any sort of customization.  It’s simple to change out the fonts, adjust color schemes and give the functionality and style you want.  It’s all done in the handy admin panel too, so you won’t have to hack into the code to make these changes.  Cool Stuff has a really nice flat, modern design, and that means your content will shine, taking center stage and not live in the shadow of a bloated design.  And yes, we’ve included this template in the ‘Timeline themes’ section, because there’s a really sweet timeline function on the events page.  Check out the demo, it’s amazing!

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Scopic Tumblog Style timeline theme

This is Scopic, a timeline theme that was pretty obviously inspired by Tumblr’s unique style.  It’s a great theme for creatives who want to display their work in a really unique, engaging and fun way.  With perfect responsive design, Scopic looks incredible on all sizes of screens, from the smallest handheld device to massive HD displays.  Share images, videos, photos, music, quotes and so much more, all with a chronological layout that shows when everything was published.  Scopic supports tons of great post formats, embed Tweets, Flickr, Instagram and self hosted images, embed video from Youtube or Vimeo and it has SOundCloud support too.

Even if you have zero experience coding for WordPress, Scopic works well.  You can customize a wide range of style and content choices, colors, logos, fonts and more.  Everything is really simple to change up, swap out and make exactly like you want it to be.  Add widgets, reorganize the order, change colors and more in real time.  That’s pretty cool.  With embeddable media support, you can add Vimeo or YouTube clips, images from Instagram or Imgur, even Tweets.  This is a really powerful social media ready theme that can help engage with a wide range of users on all of those social platforms.  Scopic is even SEO optimized and the site loads fast, looks great and it’s a really solid choice for your website.


everline wordpress wedding theme

This is everline, which is mainly meant to be a wedding theme, but there’s a reason I’ve included it in this collection, the fun and unique timeline feature.  What that does, it tells the story, chronologically, of a couple’s journey to marriage.  I think it’s a fun and engaging way to help connect to your guests, some of whom have only known half of the happy couple for maybe only a few weeks.  Days even!  Now, even though this is styled as a wedding theme, there’s a lot that changing the images, maybe a few fonts and some of the overall design, can do to turn this into a sort of general purpose web template.  But really, it’s a wedding theme and in the event that you actually are looking for more Wedding themes for wordPress, check out our collection.

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Postline WordPress timeline theme

The Postline WordPress theme, from Themify.me, is a totally responsive timeline that that was quite obviously inspired by the Facebook timeline.  The design inspiration shows through, though it’s not derivative in the least.  Timeline is a template that was specifically tailor made to highlight a variety of different post format types, quotes and images, videos and links and of course image galleries.  Post Line lets you tell your story the way you want to tell it.  This theme is purely responsive, it looks amazing on any type of device.  Post Line is easy to edit, it’s user friendly on front and back end, the navigation is clear and easy to follow.   Your readers will find it easy and fun to interact with all of your content, no matter what post type and no matter what topic your blog is about. Built for any device, Post Line could be exactly what you want, assuming you’re looking for a timeline theme for WordPress.

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Share It

share it wordpress timeline theme

Share It is one of those truly creative and interesting WordPress themes that come along only rarely, with a really unique layout that allows you to show off your content in a unique way, with a timeline.  It’s creative with it’s use of a unique and elegant timeline feature that helps tell your story in a way that will really gather a lot of attention.  This is a progressive WordPress timeline template.  Great for a video reel, a personal CV or resume theme, a wedding page, a blog about anything that could benefit from a wonderful and flexible time-line perfectly embedded in the page.  Use it for a wedding page, games reviews, culinary or foodie blog, maybe even a music blog.

Share It has well over 300 options and something over 30 separate post customizable options.  This theme is very adjustable and super simple and user friendly to work with.  You have absolute control over how you edit and customize the various timeline box sections, so you can change the look of the entire site with ease.  If you prefer them to look different than the logo, it’s relatively easy to change.  There are limitless color options too, so you can use the cool looking ‘glass’ effect you see in the demo-site.  That looks a blog modern and fun and will help your content jump off the page.


Share It is a creative and fun way to show your content in a really unique, novel way.  This theme has a progressive design, the timeline layout it really different than so many other themes out there.  This theme is great for vCards, personal portfolios, blogs, corporate timelines showing your company’s history and more.  It’s even really strong for creative works like portfolios for photography and more, culinary or music blogs, travel and gaming sites too.  I’d really like to see whatsomebody could do with Share It as a wedding theme too.  Share It is flexible, allowing full control over the timeline boxes, the entire look and feel, from fonts to colors, sizes and placement.

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Several of the Best Premium WordPress themes from 2018

What’s a premium WordPress theme? Well, things have come a very long way with WordPress and for this particular year, it is a theme that actually packs in a lot of features in a package that actually can help you do create any sort of site you desire with WordPress. This theme collection showcases the absolute best themes on the market. Any theme you see on this page is certainly a winner with amazing features which make it flexible and powerful enough to run any kind of business. So, here’s our list of WordPress premium themes. If you see something which you think could add to this group, please let us know. Thanks!

When you begin an internet venture, you have to think long and hard about what you need out of your site. What type of picture do you want to convey? What style of theme do you want? What features are on your must have list and what exactly do you want to prevent? All websites will need to offer engaging articles, navigation which makes a layout that engage your customers. In summary, you want a well designed theme that is organized and functional, yet attractive and nicely made.

For a beginner, WordPress is an excellent way to split into site administration. Why? Well, it is free for one thing. And yet another, it’s open source. There are millions of websites running WordPress and tens of thousands of people contributing to the WordPress community. If you are just building your degree of expertise in the online world, WordPress can help you learn the ropes quicker than some other platforms. WordPress has a content management system that’s second to none, providing attributes you’d have to pay thousands for on a few other platforms or CMS’s. A premium WordPress theme, together with WordPress, will help give a professional look and will establish your company the ideal way. That’s why so many newcomers to internet business are starting off with WordPress. But it’s not only newbies, experienced admins love this CMS.

So, we’ve gathered up a list of the very best WordPress premium themes and we hope you will love them.

Weston Premium WordPress Page Builder Theme

weston themetrust's ultimate wordpress theme

Employing the remarkable digital Composer plugin the Weston theme comes with, you now have the capability to build your web content like you always wanted. You can build practically any site style since you can now control the design content using one of the ideal page builders around.

The theme comes with Slider Revolution, the top slider plugin now. The plugin is an intuitive interface which you can use to create winning and gorgeous slideshows.
Having a complete year’s service and updates that renews yearly at the purchase price, you can keep on using the theme as long as you require it. You can, however, cancel the subscription anytime you want.

Weston has a one-click demonstration import feature which lets you start working on projects which you can import from the demo. The theme also features an editing portfolio that includes multiple design options, lightbox, filtering animations, also Ajax loading to make your projects even more stunning.

To make your site more engaging to your viewers, you can conveniently add video backgrounds. The theme is responsive and will look good regardless of the screen size your site is seen. You also have complete typography control as you’re able to choose the Google font you want in the Visual Composer and the built-in typography customizer.

If you’re into ecommerce, it is simple to set up your site in a means that will be suitable to buyers without compromising aesthetics. Weston is 100% compatible with the top ecommerce plugin now — Woo-Commerce.

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Divi Premium WordPress MultiPurpose Themes

Divi WordPress premium themes

Divi is one of the most striking themes to come along in the last few months. Divi is a real multipurpose theme, with a lot of designs and features included. We think you’re going to love just about everything about this theme, the performance, the design, the support from Elegant Themes and on top of that, the cost. Divi may be the previous wordpress photography theme you ever buy.

Divi is a totally exceptional WordPress theme, from its neatly organized layout, it’s powerful and steady page builder, excellent support for graphic and font changes, and more, it is among the few themes that can truly be known as a’multipurpose’ theme. With no prior knowledge of coding or graphic layout, you can swiftly make an outstanding appearing WordPress site with drag and drop page building. If you would like to try it with no webpage builder, it is totally possible, however it takes a long time and a great deal of energy, then learning to code and the debugging each line if something foes awry. Divi makes is simpler, because the ePanel provided lets you change general settings such as the favicon, logo and Analytics code. The identical panel provides you the ability to create various menus for clear navigation, set your design and manage advertisements on the website. SEO settings are also found here, letting you create a website that will endure the test of drawing in new readers continuously.

If you are looking to sell products, Divi is ideal to help. This theme is totally WooCommerce ready, the earnings and product pages, and of course cart pages, seem fantastic. But if they are not really your style, you could always change the general appearance and feel of their website with a couple clicks. Pretty cool. Divi is priced right too. For $69, and it is a couple of bucks over a normal premium theme, you receive a genuine multi-purpose theme that’s good for any purpose and since Elegant Themes offerings are all GPL, you can install it on as many sites as you wish.

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BeTheme Best Ever WordPress Premium Theme

betheme biggest ever wordpress theme top seller

BeTheme (that stands for largest ever, incidentally ) is an innovative multipurpose theme that’s been one of the most well-known sellers in the background of ThemeForest. It’s been a huge hit in the very start, because it is actually expansive. (Not sure it is the BIGGEST ever, but it’s a great theme.) There are over 200 pre-made demo layouts included, so you’re guaranteed to find something you like. BeTheme functions well as a portfolio or a 1 page theme, as a full featured eCommerce site or a business blog. From magazines to landing pages, advertising services to restaurant websites, this theme has it all. It makes no difference what style you want your site to be , flat style, minimal, full width or boxed, female or masuline, BeTheme is ready to provide the ideal kind of visual demonstration for your individual use. BeTheme has a tone of documentation, but it is straightforward enough that you might not want it.

The admin panel would be the driver to all of your custom needs. Change the look and feel without coding experience, since what’s done in a really visual manner. BeTheme is, of course, completely responsive and retina screen friendly too. BeTheme has assembled in mega menu, brief code generator, is fantastic for a single page themes, provides parallax and movie background graphics, unlimited menus, a proprietary layout builder, custom font uploader and so much more, it is absolutely insane. Remember how I mentioned I didn’t know if it was the biggest? I think that it can be the biggest after all.

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Megatron Premium WordPress Themes

megatron wordpress premium theme

With a name such as Megatron, you know this one is going to be an absolute monster of a theme. There are a lot of features in this WooCommerce ready, contemporary looking theme. If you’re running a blog, an internet magazine website or an eCommerce shop, Megatron includes a demonstration for you and contains all of the features you want to provide your site an updated look and a brand new, amazing design. Visual Composer page builder ensures this theme is finally flexible, Revolution Slider makes sure you’ll make an excellent first impression in your audiences, the photoshop files are included for extra flexibility and so much more. This theme is lightning quick to load, has an almost infinite selection of choices you can alter to give your site the precise look you need it to possess.

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Bridge WordPress Premium Themes

bridge premium wordpress theme

Bridge is a full featured, dynamic and powerhouse premium WordPress theme that was the best-selling theme this past year and it’s still going strong. There are just two dozen fundamental layouts for Bridge, including a blog, left column menu, right column menu, complete width, landing page, WooCommerce shop and more. On those 24 primary frameworks, Qode have built more than a hundred presentation sites built on this theme to demonstrate the vast array of design possibilities Bridge gives you. This theme gives you infinite choices for custom pages and articles. Sell anything which you can sell. Visual Composer makes it so which it is possible to drag-and-drop new elements anywhere you want to and change them to your heart’s content. There’s a vast repository of fonts, which means that your typography will never become stale. Bridge boosts your productivity because you won’t be spending your time writing and debugging code, which can get dull and cuts to the time spent running your business and generating new content.

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The Ken Premium WordPress Business Theme


Ken is a brand-new WordPress theme, really premium in every way. It’s blazingly fast and has a surprisingly quick learning curve, allowing you to make a full featured, powerful website in short order. The Ken uses high quality, modern code to offer many features that truly make it a premium theme. The Ken includes three different intro page styles, a variety of header and footer designs so many demo site styles, it is hard to imagine how the developers have the time to sleep. But one thing that is for sure, the Ken is well designed and well supported too, so it is a fantastic entry level premium WordPress theme for most novices.  For more WooCommerce WordPress themes, check this collection out.

Numerous elements help create the layout, together with the features, you need to provide on your page. Tab sliders, a contemporary, bold pricing desk, contact type and image box. There are new button styles, a testimonial slider, theater slider and more. As for the Admin panel, it’s strong, feature rich and powerful. There’s almost nothing that can’t be customized. The design is so well organized, it is really straightforward to edit and change to fit your website’s desired style. What’s more, the Ken is a full featured WooCommerce theme, therefore it may be used to make a really wonderful online store.

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EcoShop WordPress Premium eCommerce Theme

EcoShop WordPress WooCommerce Theme

This is EcoShop, also it is a dependable, multi-purpose, modern, attractive, very flexible and easy to operate WooCommerce WordPress premium theme will allow you to administer transport and monitor your product stock, get in touch with prospective clients and clients, expand your online business across the globe, sell outdated products and advertise new products and more, which is part of what makes it such a superior template. WordPress is a fantastic method to get started using a internet company, even if maybe you’re not a professional in programming, only because it can be effortlessly changed to accommodate your preferences. This glistening style looks great on any type of device since it is designed and coded to be completely responsive. When you are establishing a business online, shoppers are clearly vital so allowing them to get access to your site anyplace at any time is extremely important.

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Full Frame

full-frame wordpress portfolio widescreen format

The Full Frame Theme is Graph Paper Press’ solution for those who want to make a statement with every website post in any format. This theme may match artists, writers, photographers, and videographers as it works well with large graphics combined with text.  For more WordPress video themes, try this out.

The theme’s main draw is that the fluid way pictures fill up your screen in every post. And when coupled with the correct typography, your site will stand out. Total Frame Theme affirms comprises premade page designs for normal articles, picture articles, gallery articles, video posts, quote articles, and aside, post formats.

Another quality of the Full Frame Theme is your option to view various archive . You can view archives in a picture format, gallery format, quote arrangement, category format, and tag format.
This WordPress theme can be easily customizable thanks to a built-in Theme Customizer. You are able to change web site logos, text menus, widgets, etc. easily and quickly through this backend tool. Complete Frame has a responsive layout and will display with no problem on almost any device.

Other attributes includes in the Entire Frame Theme are boundless photo and video galleries, automated theme updates for busy members, customizable widgets, premade .po and .mo translation files, and HTML5 markup codes.

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storyteller blog theme simple wordpress

Storyteller is just another Graph Paper Press theme for WordPress-powered sites. It’s a completely responsive theme suited for people who desire a customizable website which focuses on blog entries centered around high quality photographs. It may suit bloggers, bloggers, artists, or even photographers.

The Storyteller Theme’s most important feature is its simple customization choices. Throughout its backend Theme Customizer, you can upload background and post photos, change colour schemes, fix headers, favicons, widgetsand font styles, etc.. As a completely responsive theme, all modifications made to the website will be displayed optimally in different screens like notebooks and smart phones.

Another feature of this Storyteller Theme is its built-in Slideshow feature where you can add photos by just simple dragging and dropping them into the slideshow plugin. The Storyteller Theme also supports various posting formats such as text, quotations, links, galleries, videos, sound recordings, and photos.

With the Storyteller Theme, you might also add social networking buttons, contact forms, text, and other photos into customized widget areas found in the theme’s footer and sidebar. These attributes can be activated and deactivated depending on your preference. Storyteller additionally allows unlimited variety of picture and video galleries.

As with themes in the Graph Paper Press collection, the Storyteller Theme comes with built-in .po and .mo translation files, and are automatically updated due to their newest versions.  Here are some more awesome WordPress minimalist themes to try.

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Another Group of Material Design WordPress Themes to Examine

Based around the powerful and one of a kind Fusion Builder, a WordPress theme frame of some renown, Avada is undoubtedly the hottest WordPress template available on the marketplace. It is sold nearly a quarter of a million copies and it is still going strong after a long time of development. Avada has a lot of significant, key characteristics that make it successful for all sorts of internet site. Pick among several exquisite and precious sliders, marvelous and functional headers, ample intriguing and put-together photograph portfolio layouts add a role wealthy and ultra strong eCommerce market together with added capabilities. This unbelievable theme does all exceptionally well and it is dazzling and fairly too. It is frame has a great deal to do this. Possibly that’s why Avada is really common.

Together with the Fusion Builder, you might produce any practical and good-looking configuration possible. Fusion Builder is a lot more than a webpage builder, it is an outstanding layout program to make the best website you can. Avada’s pre-built demo web-sites show that the theme’s great flexibility as an electronic photography portfolio, classical store, landing page, fresh and innovative merchant, sports club, technology online community, church, coffee shop, holiday blog, fashion site, creative design service, law pro, hosting firm, technology business, destination and vacation hotel, life style or any other practical, glorious web site. That’s surely a significant record that brings attention to the many pretty ways you can use Avada. Most of all, these demonstration sites might be quickly and easily setup to allow you to begin quickly. Afterward, it truly is only an issue of customizing your website’s personal design.

There are loads of designs it is possible to construct, blog post kinds, portfolio designs as well as other components are also incredibly adjustable. There are loads of options and advantages that it is actually evident to observe why Avada has become the most favored WordPress theme. Support is excellent and the design is ideal by lots of years of expansion. Obtaining this much power to a single theme is amazing and Avada deserves it’s place as the very popular theme on Earth.

Pine Cone

Pine Cone material design WordPress theme provides you the ideal customization actions in an attractive package. Pine Cones can be bristly and inflexible, but Pine Cone theme is smooth and slick as is. That is a major difference. This theme also bestows the liberty to come up with a website as remarkable as the revolutionary work to be showcased on its slick web pages. Conveniently fine-tune the many configuration settings on any range of unique, tasteful portfolios organized into classes that are convenient. It’s quite simple to present a personalized look with 100% integration together with Google font styles together with the entire assortment of onscreen colors to provide your website a tailor made fashion. Pine Cone provides entirely totally responsive style, meaning it is going to seem fantastic and keep its user friendly layout whatever size display would be utilized to have a look at the web site. This also reduces your campaign because admins can make alterations or add more information on the move.

For artistic professional who have to showcase numerous artwork or images, the Isotope or Masonry portfolio designs provide exceptional display features. Included plugins include this magic and protected Contact Type 7 to help interaction along with the Options media login. Take a peek at the live trailer to really have a sense for all the Pine Cone WP theme works. Modify web page names, every conceivable image and designs to provide the ideal setting to your own freelance or business requirements. Both header along with footer widgets like extreme aid from the Pine Cone WP theme. Beautiful CSS3 animations for different regions of content will load automatically together with the boundless scrolling function whilst internet site visitors get throughout the webpage.

It is difficult to sum X upward in 1 picture, you truly have to have a look at the presentation and see all of the extraordinary features on your own. X is, to put it simply, the most feature rich theme I have ever noticed. It may be somewhat overwhelming for a newcomer, but the quantity of items you can do using this particular theme is wonderful. It is WooCommerce ready, totally responsive, retina ready, includes four big design fashions and a slew of variations to every one of these. X is ideal for businesses, creatives, portfoliosand magazines. Selling things, writing. It X is great at it.

Taken alone, the only termed Marriage theme is really a lightweight platform for constructing a site for the wedding. A WordPress-compatible totally responsive theme, its simple layout makes it simple on mobile devices, and is designed to be navigated in a single scrolling webpage. The theme is imbued with a certain, airy quality in how lines and segments are spaced apart. The end result is a slick and smooth encounter unlikely to depart anybody lost or not able to get what they’re searching for. A visitor who would like to further research certain destinations such as your wedding site or the events calendar may do this using a tap or a click on the appropriate section.

The theme’s simple navigation and design are already worth having a look in, but that which makes this theme an actual bestseller over at themeforest.net is its elaborate marriage with scripts, widgets which may be obtained and transplanted from everywhere with minimal fuss to other programs. Popular scripts exhibit a Twitter feed in 1 portion of the webpage, and common customized widgets include a screen counting down instantly into the big moment. The theme enables you to select from eight distinct colors to specify your site’s appearance, and it includes popular scripts such as the one for twitter and flickr. The website’s designers and administrators will enjoy other quality of lifestyle attributes, including layered Photoshop documents and regular upgrades in the theme’s programmer. The website’s code is search engine optimisation friendly, allowing your visitors find your website more quickly and more readily.

The theme has a laundry list of different attributes: website design webpages, troubleshooting documentation and much more. For sheer ease of customization and use, the Marriage theme rankings highly and has been among the most popular wedding themes on the market now.


The Idylle WordPress wedding theme is completely amazing for any kind of wedding, if it’s the timeless Spring or Summertime wedding or Fall or Winter for that issue. Idylle combines entertaining components and art, employing a built-in music player to get people excited and also a 100% totally responsive design to be certain their expertise on the site is totally perfect. Unless a user clicks to demonstrate the entire item the menu is blended under a single button. The entire page is covered by the header, and it is a parallax effect revealing some creativity off, and this is a fantastic way to draw attention to the content that you need to highlight. You may have a countdown timer in addition to details about where the marriage is occurring, to the wedding season. Though the RSVP row includes some interesting effects for collecting names of individuals who expect attending, it is recommended to put in a proposal narrative in one of the modules. You have already probably noticed there are increased petals scattered through the theme, almost appearing like they are falling out of heaven. I believe that it’s a trendy bit, but it perhaps a little over the top to get a few, so they can readily be removed.

Show off your photos in a stunning gallery, it is all built into the theme, therefore no coding necessary to acquire an excellent appearance. The entire wedding party, the groomsmen and bridesmaids receive their very own content modules also, with titles, descriptions and images. The site is always entertaining for describing exactly what you expect to happen later on and speaking about your own story. This is in fact an advantage for keeping things simple, and also to decrease the time period spent on creating the site. After all, you may have plenty of different jobs to be worried about.


Despite its own domain, the X WordPress theme has won kudos as a person that’s extremely non-coder-friendly since even people without a knowledge in web programming and design may use it to create highly-responsive and appealing sites. Among the things which make it stand out is that the sheer variety of extensions it includes, which are intended to greatly improve website performance. More code-savvy users may love its clean code, which eliminates unnecessary code which may get the website to load slowly. The package includes four distinctive layouts (known as”heaps”) which include their very own special skins, performance, features and fashions. However, don’t worry; those piles are customizable by simply overwriting the styling by means of a child theme that you produce. Each pile is intended to be most effective for certain users, although everyone can use them. The design stack, for example, is ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners because it’s multifunctional and can be embraced for a plethora of requirements. Each pile has its own presentation material, which you may download so it may be immediately applied to the site you are designing; you will find 33 demos in everything you may pick from.

X comes with a proprietary site builder instrument called Cornerstone. Cornerstone is intended to be intuitive and simple to use, so anybody can use it to make custom page designs. The most recent variant has a multitude of new extensions, such as UberMenu, Superfly, Typekit Integration, ConvertPlug, Envira Gallery, Vital Target and Content Dock, for no excess price. Additionally, there Are plug-ins for incorporating the website using Google Analytics, Facebook Remarks and MailChimp. Other features include free support and upgrades, 20 training videos on Internet marketing, 400 vectorized icon fonts, 41 built-in short-codes and text and video tutorials on WordPress and the way to use WordPress themes.


Neeqah is a wedding theme, entirely totally responsive in layout and it is packed with a great deal of outstanding features that make it stand out from the audience. Neequah includes a whole lot of colour combinations to select from, and you can also construct your own to coincide with the colours selected for your wedding. That makes it effortless to coordinate with your wedding gown, your invitations and more. But there is more, an RSVP form is pretty much compulsory, the countdown timer is amazing, there is an events calendar and guestbook too. Neeqah makes it effortless to make a website in order to fit around your own wedding, not a wedding which needs to be built across the failings of a theme. There are five habit article types to keep folks updated on your progress. There is a cool feature letting you post about your connection history, even should you dare.

Neeqah comes with a clean, glossy and superbly modern layout, it works flawlessly with enormous high-res graphics and Neeqah also includes excellent typography, though you may personalize the typography if you decide to. Publish a personalized logo and favicon to actually showcase your personality and brand the website to look precisely like the wedding you are planning. You will find widget ready places all around the area to help personalize the website and nine webpage templates are contained like the home-page, a design grid site, regular blog, background , events page, accomodations info, the guestbook and a complete width page also. All this and you do not even have to understand how to code.


Trend — is a superior WordPress theme that unites modern flat style layout and incredibly flexible backend performance according to GT3 webpage builder plugin. The invention of the webpage was not so simple as it does today. GT3 Page Builder Plugin is a highly effective tool which can allow you to create infinite number of custom pages. Drag & drop platform will save yourself a good deal of your time throughout the customization job.

Venda Themebuilder Theme

Venda is multipurpose totally responsive and retina ready WordPress theme frame with heaps of attributes and components that will assist you build your site in minutes, it has built the way that you enjoy and we promise you will state “Wow” after buying it, the more flexibility of this theme will amaze you, with our strong alternatives panel you can practically turn off or on each attribute from the theme and apply the characteristics that you want to find the maximum from Venda, along with the innovative webpage builder will cause you to use your imagination to create any page and provide it any appearance you desire. You have infinite methods to construct your site. And what has been optimized nicely only for you and your clients.

Free WordPress WooCommerce Themes

25+ Of The Best WordPress Entertainment and Events Themes

We’ve created another new list, this time it’s WordPress events themes, so if you’re planning an event, whether it’s a birthday bash, album release party, bachelor or bachelorette soiree, you need a theme that has the features and functionality you’re looking for.  These themes in this list are also great for concerts, sporting events, business conferences and more.  With business conferences gaining popularity every day, more and more folks find themselves working to promote and organize those conferences from the ground up.  That means you need a website, but if your expertise is in planning the event, managing the day to day process, creating a website can be a time consuming process.  That’s why a premium WordPress event theme cal help save you time and money.


E-event Conference Event Premium WordPress Theme Making your Events Manageable and Irresistible

E-event WordPress theme is the perfect design choice for individuals or groups who want to spread the news about their personal or professional events. This is highly recommended for those who wish to conduct e-seminars, book debuts and even online parties. Whether your event will be held in the virtual world or in the real world, you’ll love the huge counter, which reminds participants how many days, hours, minutes and seconds the next big event is due. This way, no one will miss their chance to join in. The events are filterable so virtual guests can easily sort through them and find specific activities that interest them. This theme also includes an upcoming events carousel so subscribers will know in advance which dates they should mark on their calendars. If that isn’t enough, E-event also provides you with an events schedule in table form. You get to choose between two great table designs. This comes complete with pertinent info like the name of the event, the date, the time, the host, and the venue. E-event also includes a section where you can introduce the facilitators. For this section, you have four different designs to choose from.

One of this theme’s most outstanding features is the online RSVP form. This way, you can easily anticipate the number of participants for each event. E-event enables you to create informative pricing tables while letting you choose from three excellent designs. Another super cool feature is that E-event lets virtual visitors buy event tickets directly from your website. To avoid wasting your time and theirs, it’s instantly indicated whether tickets are already sold out. Show potential participants just how fun your events can be by using the Gallery and the Blog. The eye-catching layout is extremely responsive so you have an assurance that your site is accessible through multiple gadgets and the quality of the images and videos of your events are preserved.

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meeting wordpress events themes

Looking for a proper theme to help you announce events, but couldn’t seem to find one? Well, Meeting may just be what you need—and more! Meeting is a WordPress theme that’s designed specifically for events, meetings, meet-ups, summits, workshops, and the like. Created with a professionally written code base, the amazing thing about this is that it is a One-Page theme—which means that depending on the event, you can occasionally change it—so that the people who would visit the “events page” would not be confused. The great thing about this theme is that its visual composer is actually award-winning—which means that you can use over 40 coding elements to create your events page, even if you know nothing about codes!

With the help of Meeting, your imagination would be your limit when it comes to designing and styling your site. With its one-page dynamic menu, you can be sure that providing your followers with information would be easier and more manageable—because you’d be able to provide them with something that won’t need so much attention from them, which could work for you as most people these days have seriously low attention span. An amazing event countdown button is also around—helping you create that much needed sense of importance and urgency that can help make sure people would patronize your events. It also has social icons that make way for easy sharing and promotion of the event; optimized load speed, so that disseminating information would be easy; Tickera integration, which makes ticket-purchasing easy, and even a Google Map interaction that could help people know where the event will be held, how to get there, and the like. Finished with an extremely useful subscribe form + a Twitter and Instagram feed integration, you can be sure that your readers would need to learn more about your business—and your events, too!

Demo Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

Moments WordPress Wedding and Events Theme

moments wordpress wedding website theme

Whether you’re an engaged couple, an event planner, or a wedding entrepreneur, this theme was designed with you in mind. Moments is a stylish and versatile WordPress blog theme that offers several choices of elegantly designed homepages. It’s highly customizable so you can match it with your or your business’s personality. Its strongest points are the powerful admin interface and the broad collection of layouts and pages. Zero knowledge in coding? No worries. This theme doesn’t require you to have any. In just one click, your site can get the exact same look that you see in the demo. Visitors of your page will benefit from the sleek page transitions, retina ready feature, and interactive infographics. For engaged couples who wish to create wedding websites, Moments come with a Guestbook feature, elegant invitation templates, and a pattern for an RSVP contact form.

Weddings are made more beautiful with attention to detail. The same truth applies to websites. With Moments, you get to choose between multiple header designs and actions, loader icons, and side area types. More prettifying yet useful features include the parallax sections, video background sections, custom fonts, and custom sidebars. This way, you can make a website that’s uniquely yours. The attention-grabbing Fullscreen menu works to assist the visitors in immediately understanding what your page is about. Whether you’re announcing your impending nuptials, selling bridal products, or offering your services to engaged couples, you’ll want to bring attention to your photographs. The Mega Menu makes it easy for your virtual guests to locate your gallery, your slider portfolio, and your blog posts. Maximize your rich blog content and promotions by taking advantage of Moments’ Twitter and Instagram feed widgets, Pinterest Portfolio list layout, and Related Posts functionality. What makes this theme truly ideal for wedding vendors is that it’s SEO Optimized and WooCommerce Integrated which means you can turn your page views to revenues without breaking a sweat.

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GoodLife WordPress Events Theme

the good life wordpress magazine theme

Like the name implies, the Good Life WordPress theme offers everything you need to stay happy when creating your online presence. Stop struggling with old or complicated templates that are not only difficult to work with but deliver an end result that is less than stunning. This theme offers modern style, the latest technology in page creation and an incredibly user-friendly backend that lets even people with no development knowledge whatsoever build, organize and edit pages with ease. The Good Life WP theme comes complete with several premade demo pages that represent popular industries online: music, blogging, fashion and sports among others. Next, select your favorite style of header from the three creative designs packaged with this theme. On the intuitive control panel, you can easily make more changes to the existing pages. The Good Life WordPress theme comes packaged with Ajax pagination abilities, video playlist elements and over $140 worth of premium plug-ins.

This is truly a complete package of all the tools you need to build an impressive website. With the Good Life WordPress theme, you get a powerful search engine optimization tool called Rankie, a plug-in that allows you to build quizzes and questionnaires to increase page stickiness and get feedback from your visitors and more. People who do have development experience will appreciate the included PSD files. A live preview is available so you can check out all the great features that make the Good Life WordPress theme an excellent choice for your online presence.

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Eventory Events WordPress Theme


You are having interesting events, you would like to show all your event and introduce them to everyone. You need a WordPress Themes to make your website become more attractive and impressive. The theme must be beautiful, feature-rich, easy-to-use, and adaptive.

K-BOOM  Responsive Music And Events Theme

kboom WordPress music theme

K-BOOM is one of the powerful Music & Events WordPress Theme, it is meant to serve for Music Projects, Events, Portfolio or just for Blogging. It is a theme with ultra responsive layout adapting perfectly and allowing you to visit it from any devices you want. Being created with user experience in mind our customers will be more happy and with few click’s your theme is installed.



Mercurial is the simplest way to build your new website fast and easy! With its pre-made custom shortcodes, you will be able to create beautiful typographic effects, insert portfolios, skill bars, clients logos, social sharing icons, awesome sliders, pricing tables, build up incredible team pages, or even add your twitter feed in just seconds. This theme is perfect for freelancers, companies, product presentation, events, photographers, or why not even a non-conformistic bloger. Build up your new site however you like by inserting backgrounds or using just simple page colors, set the page dimensions to fullscreen or leave it to content height size, play with colors or font combinations etc. What are you waiting for? Go on and buy it! This theme will change your conceptions about creating a website.



Blog, portfolio, business, creative agency, events planner, design studio or any other related website. Electra is our most customizable WordPress Theme yet. Personalize your layout as you wish, give your website an electrifying lookElectra is powered by our latest version of Tesla Framework and comprises all our existing and new features like: 10 custom posts (FAQ, Portfolio, Gallery, Services, Testimonials, Skills, Clients Slider, Team, etc.), 6 custom widgets, a wide variety of shortcodes, 7 built in page templates (blog, contact, events, portfolio, etc.) and a brand new visual form builder, to easily create and publish your forms.  This premium portfolio WordPress theme is simple to operate, well made, flexible, filled with features and spectacular, it’s dynamic, versatile and search engine optimized, great for design companies, commercial photographers, ad businesses, designers or marketing firms. You can make a wonderful first impression with a well made, powerful WordPress portfolio theme.

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klaus wordpress full screen bootstrap portfolio theme

No matter what industry you represent, the Klaus WordPress theme offers everything you need to run an attractive and professional company, agency, freelance or corporate website. Its modern style and attractive customization options also make it perfect for creative freelancers, photographers and even personal blogs. All of its options are supported on a backdrop of the Bootstrap 3 framework from Twitter. This means any website built with Klaus is completely responsive and will display wonderfully on any size screen. For non-coders, this WP theme offers the Visual Composer plug-in so every element of every page can be dragged into place with ease. Recently, the Klaus WordPress theme was showcased on Awwwwards.com as the best multipurpose option in WP site design.

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clubix wordpress music theme nightclubs

Clubix is a great responsive WordPress theme for a nighclub, music venue, party venue or any other business that has music as a key part of their business.  Clubix is a responsive WordPress theme for nightlife events and music. Is the perfect theme for you, if you are involved into nightlifemusic and events. Special for your fans, followers or just party starters and nightlife. We bring a theme with strong design and strong features.


Metric Music Band WordPress Theme

Metric is the badass WordPress theme for all who love music, such as music bands, musicians, DJs, producers, labels or organizers of events and festivals. Theme has amazing modern and fresh design that will never get tired of you and your fans. Design you can freely adjust according to your fancy, there are millions of ways to do this. This very strong theme that offers perfect organization of all necessary data such as Events, Albums, Galleries and Videos. The theme also serves as a great blogging tool.


piquant flexible restaurant theme

Meet Piquant, a tasty and fun new WordPress restaurant theme that’s a real treat with several separate variations from which to choose.  The main theme is delicious, with a health-food store inspired layout, there’s also a Bar and Grill option, a barbecue joint design, a general restaurant theme and a full screen home page design.  All of them are amazing for entertaining.  This theme has a lot of options for you though and plenty of great features under the hood.  This theme is Open-Table compatible and WooCommerce ready.  If you want a stylish and flexible entertainment theme, maybe you should give this one a shot.  This efficient, trendy, adaptable, easy to use and gorgeous WooCommerce ready WordPress theme helps you advertise existing products, advertise fresh merchandise, communicate with customers, expand your small business and supervise shipping and your inventory and much more.

Ultimate Showbiz

ultimate showbiz wordpress entertainment theme

Ultimate Showbiz is perfect WordPress theme for Entertainment websites, Media Portals and Entertainment News Blogs. Very Flexible Cms type WordPress Theme with a great features. Full controls on theme via backend Control-Panel. Clean layout with eye catching graphics makes this theme ideal for Entertainment News Websites. This almost unbelievably simple and robust theme is filled with unrivaled qualities that make it a snap to make a website right away!



WooCommerce provide a precisely right way to sell all kinds of products in one powerful package.  No matter what what kind stuff you would like to show off, WooCommerce is a awesome tool to generate money right out of the box!  if you want to get an incredible new WooCommerce theme, this stunning theme may be the right one for you.  This WooCommerce theme is particularly easy to get set up with a brand new online store and it’s very, very cheap too.  Rest assured, your potential customers will enjoy their time on your web store, and it’s because this cool theme has terrific  support and it’s really well designed.


eden wordpress creative portfolio theme

EDEN is powerful WordPress theme, powered by Qode Slder, with it’s responsive fixed height image or full screen image with dissolve or parallax animations to create cool transitions.  For each slide you can actually decide if the header should be light or dark, which is a level of control that’s nice to have.  There are fully customizable headers, mega-menu and more.  This is a retina multi-purpose WordPress theme with a boat-load of amazing features.  Great for a corporate or personal blog, especially one that highlights events and entertainment.  We really like the video section backgrounds too, which are a surprising and fun touch, something to liven your site up.  This theme, like many, is powered by Visual Composer, so you can drag and drop your way to a new layout in a very short amount of time.  That design flexibility is nice when you need a quick change up to your site’s look.


sarratty wordpress creative theme

Sarraty is multi-purpose responsive and retina ready WordPress theme with tons of features and elements to help you build your website in minutes, it’s built the way you love and we promise that you will say “Wow” after purchasing it, the flexibility of the theme will amaze you, with our powerful options panel you can almost turn on or off every feature in the theme and use the features you need to get the most from Sarraty, and the advanced page builder will make you use your creativity to build any page and give it any look you want. you have unlimited ways to build your website. and everything has been optimised well just for you and your customers.



Prolook is a flexible and easy to use WordPress Responsive Theme to build outstanding and powerful websites. Its unique features and functionality let you create any type of website with only spending least time. There is no limit for customization unless you get satisfy with result. The 1200+ Icon fonts are a great choice to beautifully present the concept of your business. Now you can have more stylish and unique pages with help of Prolook Title Setting and Custom Content Row Styling. Awesome Support and Life-time Updates make this theme stands among the crowds.



ROBIZ is a responsive business template and it’s coded in HTML5/CSS3. It’s best for business and Corporate. Also it’s have a specialty for Marketing Business Website. It’s will help you to promote your business.


velocity WordPress multipurpose-theme

Highlight just about any goods or popular services with a excellent fluid layout single page WordPress site. Viewing content and ideas with parallax scrolling design is boss and is a design feature folks will love.  This theme is a second to none one-page parallax portfolio theme for up and coming people who would like to display their newest projects in a novel manner. Ths new theme is definitely going to amaze viewers with its custom animated sequences and transitions that make your website feel and look very natural. The amazing, parallax portfolio page is totally well-done and can be customized in a snap by using only a couple clicks.

gather Minimalist and Responsive E-Commerce Theme

The free WooCommerce plugin helps make Gather a feature rich eCommerce sales page, to go along with it’s attractive blog and filterable portfolio capabilities.  Gather is the right blend of stunning style, crisp lines, great code, tasty waves and bigtime features.  Gather is a straightforward, spotless, and exquisite portfolio theme that configures to any kind of screen size. This is certainly considered one of the best ThemeTrust themes. Set full screen background photos to readily supply each project, web post, or web page it’s own unique personality. Simply convert a grouping of imagery right into a slideshow. Swiftly alter aspects of the design with a built-in options panel. Choose and include your site’s logo graphic. Each Theme Trust theme you buy comes with life time help.


xy creative theme

XY is a gorgeous premium WordPress theme that is adaptable enough to suit almost any use, business or industry. This theme is perfect for businesses of all sizes, freelancers, app or service landing pages, product showcases and even photographers. It’s built-in options make tailoring the theme to your needs easy and includes the best selling Revolution Slider as an added free bonus.



Hermoso is a fully responsive one-page WordPress template or Creative Page WordPress template is easily usable with any device (Desktop, tablet, mobile phone…), without removing any content!. Hermoso is a responsive WordPress template that modest for your Business , Portfolio and your website agency that you can be Special with this theme .


superior wordpress creative magazine theme

Clean, Elegant, Super Flexible and Ultra Responsive – here comes Superior, our new theme.  It is based on the best practices that will help you to build a website for a small company, corporate web, portfolio or blog. Embedded page builder gives you an infinite number of opportunities to create your own online image.


Zen WordPress Parallax MultiPurpose Theme

Meet Zen, clean modern design, large scale options and a wide sprctrum of use.  Demo version shows an example of a website design studio, but Zen is really easy to customize into a portfolio, art studio site or whatever you want.  You’ll always get a bright gallery, full fledged blog and a built in eCommerce module too.  Whee!

Design Portfolio


Design  Portfolio is a Premium WordPress Theme with clean, modern layout and powerful customization features. The template has a complete set of options to help you easily customize and set-up your website. Full width slider with amazing effects, filterable portfolio with many columns, built-in shortcodes, Flickr photostream, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ integration, AJAX contact form, Google Maps, are just a few of its unique features.



This template is a neat and with-it portfolio style WordPress theme, good for a totally simple photo portfolio or a nice looking blog.  The navigation is simple and it’s got huge amounts of wonderful features, first-class for any WP site.



Revoke is a Premium WordPress Theme with clean and modern design, coupled with advanced features and powerful customization possibilities. By now, it is our most popular WordPress Theme. It’s beautiful aesthetics and advanced functionality are the main reasons why so many users opt for it.



Display almost any work or popular services with a definitely perfect responsive single page WordPress site. Showing off your pages with parallax scrolling design is first-class and can be a really cool idea that just about anybody will love.  This theme is guaranteed to be a A1 one-page parallax portfolio theme for all sorts of companies who would like to show all of their portfolio work in a really attrative manner. Ths new theme will stagger and stupify you and your potential clients with its fun and helpful movement and transitions that make your site feel and act completely natural. The incredible portfolio section is thoughtful and solid and may be adjusted by using only a few simple clicks.



Damian is a Premium WordPress Theme 100% customizable that can be used for corporate, business, portfolio and blog websites.



The 3Clicks is the most flexible and complete theme we’ve ever seen.  A lot of themes ‘claim’ to be multi purpose, but this one really delivers.  Its modern and fully responsive design really meshes perfectly into current and future web trends. Loads of pre-made skins and demo content makes it ready to work in just a few minutes. They’ve put a lot of effort to make the theme intuitive to use and easy to customize. You won’t find any better tool to build exceptional sites (blog, business, portfolio, products etc)!



Ventus is an advanced WordPress theme with a unique design. Beside its unique design, it has so much features which makes your work easier to run your powerful website.



Prestige is a true powerful multipurpose theme built for flexibility and much more!  This Genesis Framework Child Theme design is a shiny and flashy, entirely responsive theme that offers lots of fun and professionalism into one brilliant package. Perfect for startups, modern technology websites or possibly design companies, this theme is going to make an impression on your traffic with its cutting edge style and design. The design additionally is packaged with a good number of wonderful features, such as responsive design, tailor made backdrop photos and more!



Foxy is a sleek looking, all-in-one solution for businesses. From eCommerce integration to Responsive Design, Foxy includes everything you need to bring your business online. The themes finds harmony in a balance of simple and striking design elements. Foxy is fun, but it doesn’t let anything get in the way of its structured and functional layout.



Anchor’s responsive design will ensure that it works and looks great on all devices. The width of the theme will adjust automatically based on the device you’re using. To test this open the demo and resize your browser window. For the ultimate test simply navigate to the demo site with your phone.  Anchor is perfect for a wide variety of uses and we think you’ll like it a lot.

Uber Grid

WordPress pinterest style theme

Ubergrid is a grid-based, responsive, retina ready, post-format supporting, minimalistic WordPress theme suitable any kind of creative, personal or business use. It comes with a Theme Manager, Page builder, Front Page Manager, Infinite Scroll and many other options. Importing the demo content with one click gets you going with Ubergrid in no time! Enjoy!


corporate creative wp theme

The free and powerful WooCommerce plugin allow a out of sight place to show-off all kinds of products online.  It doesn’t matter what what sort products you would like to sell, WooCommerce is a dynamic solution to git ‘er done right out of the box!  If You’ve come in search of yourself a new WooCommerce eCommerce template, this stunning theme may be a great option.  This theme is totally straightforward to set up a new online shop and it’s incredibly well priced.  You can be sure that your website’s customers will enjoy their shopping on your store, and it’s got a lot to with the fact that this amazing theme has great  support and it’s amazingly well coded and designed.



What we’ve got to show you right now, is the most powerful, cleanest and flexible theme on the market. Built in HTML5 and CSS3, this was the most rigorous and hard-working theme that we ever built just that you can have the latest and newest awesome features! Use Zap for any type of website, business, corporate, portfolio, blog, products, and an endless other website pages! Nice and easy!


Electra-wordpress-creative theme

Blog, portfolio, business, creative agency, design studio or any other related website. Electra is our most customizable WordPress Theme yet. Personalize your layout as you wish, give your website an electrifying look.

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Massive Dynamic

massive dynamic wordpress full screen theme

The Massive Dynamic theme for WordPress websites steals the show as an one-page site builder with features and its many strong, modern and creative components. The administrative backend of this theme offers even the newest non-coder the chance to to develop and restructure professional and polished websites with ease. Massive Dynamic comes packed with multiple addons to help. Revolution Slider and Master Slider allow for gorgeous graphic and video slideshows on any page of the website. Add to Any and other addons all joined to create among the most user friendly interfaces around. Settings can be changed by more than seventy customized shortcodes, add elements such as animated icons with only an easy copy and paste.

The fully receptive and responsive sites created with the Massive Dynamic WP theme appear polished and professional on any screen. No present components of sharp site design were forgotten. Visitors will marvel at the remarkable technology displayed in the most aesthetically pleasing format. Content will convert easily when showcased on such an impressive platform. Huge Dynamic is fully incorporated with Notification Center, which unites e commerce solutions, portfolio management and new blog posts, and the load-time-friendly Progressive Image Loading to show just what a visitor desires every time.

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Blogfolio is an advance theme that provides unique layout options to display your portfolio and blog posts. It is designed to give maximum space to display your work.  This theme is perfect for designers, illustrators, photographers, or artists.


Invicta WordPress Theme - A modern and powerful WordPress Theme(1)

Invicta is a flexible and fully responsive WordPress Theme, with a clean and modern design, suited for any kind of website: business, corporate, products, portfolio, blog, etc.  All the main WordPress features are covered by Invicta. WidgetsSidebarsShortcodesMenusPost-Formats, among many other things, are entirely supported and ready to use.  This theme was coded in HTML5 and CSS3. Your website will have a search-engines-optimizedstructure, several smooth animationsvideo and audio support and many other modern features.  In addition, you will have at your disposal a Theme Options Panel and a powerful drag-n-drop Page Builder, that will allow you to easily create beautiful pages within a few minutes.



Nimble is well named.  This fully responsive WordPress theme is a gorgeous theme that retains all the speed and flexibility you’ll need to provide a great web experience.   Sometimes themes let that style get in the way of user experience, but not Nimble.  Fully responsive, this site loads really quickly and packs a ton of features for SEO, building short codes and more.  With each design, the folks at Elegant Themes really try to strike a fine balance between style and function. They’ve really nailed it with this theme.



Web design is a pricey venture for any one who feels like taking on the challenge. Customizing layouts, making graphics and organizing your content can cost thousands of dollars..  During the time your it is in web development, your website is acting like a paperweight and earning zero for your business.  Hardy Responsive WordPress Theme can help with that issue.


alexx wordpress creative theme

Alexx WordPress Theme is premium multipurpose WP theme that is clean. This theme is set at ThemeForest market to purchase it. This theme is best appropriate for corporate website and firm, business, service showcase.  Alexx WordPress Theme is completely sensitive and has many attributes like contemporary layout with lots of white space, 2 hip homepage changes, reveal primary services with 55 prepared to use service symbols, write welcome written text, portfolio screen with choice to reveal latest portfolio things on first web page, filterable portfolio with multiple content, 6 custom web page layouts, 200 routing choice symbols, 4 icons including transferring written text gadget, striking search bar, certification guide and support, theme management control panel and more.


enfold creative wordpress theme

Enfold is one among the authentic first rate WordPress themes available on the market. Responsive design and retina display is merely the start. Kreisi adds a few different blog and header variations, never ending designs, Search engine optimisation possibilities, slideshows as well as shortcodes. Enfold has quite a few fantastic options. To state that this multipurpose theme is adaptable is a huge understatement. Develop your very own skin or use one of the more than a dozen predefined skins incorporated in the download package. Great! With about completely happy clients and also an unbelievable 4.8+ rating on ThemeForest can’t be absolutely wrong!


pinterest style magazine theme

LABOMBA is a WooComerce based template that different from the rest. its complete, its easy to use and easy to customize. LABOMBA is specifically made for you to bring the latest fashion trends in a fashionable design. use it as your shop, lookbook, portfolio or your blog. everything in a single theme!


one page wordpress theme

Lookbook is a smooth looking grid layout WordPress theme that’s interesting, vibrant and definitely ready to show-off the very best of your illustrations or photos! Great for current style portfolios, all kinds of design agencies and so much more. Potentially a photography company specializing in weddings searching for a cutting edge theme to throw a change-up? Graph Paper Press has made certain that the coding is extremely securely designed and this WP theme is eCommerce ready, with their free of cost “Sell Media” plugin. Lookbook is responsive and fluid as well, so that it can look terrific on any device.



More of the Best Premium Themes for 2018 and Beyond

We’ve created some impressive collections of premium WP themes, you may be interested in seeing those before you take a look at this collection.

Soledad WordPress Premium Portfolio an Blog Theme

soledad wordpress blog theme

Soledad theme for WordPress provides up to the moment code conformity and daring, minimal styling which operate together to present one of the most advanced site solutions now available online. Its versatility and nimbleness enable even the most recent webmasters to construct and personalize anything from a simple site to a highly effective multi-concept site or web-based magazine conglomerate. Every design element included with the Soledad theme answers a problem or need of the modern internet site owner and builder. Experienced programmers will appreciate the coordinated and accessible code whilst business owners and freelance professionals without a development knowledge will haven’t a problem diving and creating their choice to get a successful internet presence.

Start page construction with a few of those over 250 comprehensive and one of a kind presentation homepages. Blend your choice with one of the over 100 blog designs and picture slider components to make a design that’s genuinely unrepeatable. The choices you make aren’t just straightforward but important if you would like to make a familiar and user friendly experience for admins and visitors alike. The Live Customizer backend helps explore the possibilities as you drag and drop blocks and assorted components and attributes into position on each page. There are over 250 distinct options on the Search Engine Optimization-friendly Soledad WordPress theme. If any questions arise during installation or design, assess the documentation that’s extensive or get the customer care service that’s complete.

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Newera Premium WordPress Portfolio and Blog Theme

newera wordpress minimal portfolio grid template

The ease of this Newera WordPress theme belies its concealed power and layout customization capabilities that enable webmasters to construct WordPress portfolio websites, innovative galleries, business identity programs, private pages or corporate staff websites for people who wish to discuss info concerning the projects in production. The minimalistic design forces website visitors to concentrate on the content, the pictures and video components that the webmaster wants to share with the entire world. Since the Newera WP theme is constructed on the Bootstrap 3 system, each site built with it appreciates elastic structure, ultimate equilibrium and a really completely responsive character for seeing well on almost any computer or device. Innate search engine optimization abilities help your site get the attention that it deserves.

Inexperienced webmasters using innovative vision can delve into the theme choices control panel and begin making decisions to best reflect their business or self. Never comes complete with four distinct premade house templates which may be loaded as-is or altered using the drag and drop builder plug. Include photos, text or graphics blocks utilizing the strong Slider Revolution alternative for clean transitions and much more unique experiences whenever that the visitor moves the webpage. Also included are a great number of widgets and short codes for easy design choices. Even though these features appear extensive and perhaps overpowering to some first-time website builder, the whole process is managed in a very user-friendly method. The Newera WordPress theme utilizes its vast capacities to provide a just stunning solution for each and every online presence demand.

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Mana WordPress Premium Business Theme

Premium WordPress Theme Mana

Mana is a completely responsive, contemporary designed, metro-style theme according to the Bootstrap 3 frameworks which may be used for any kind of business, together with it’s easy drag and shed Page Builder using 33 power components, you’re going to be ready to go in no time, with the capacity to personalize your look when you desire.

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Blume WordPress Premium Responsive Theme

Premium WordPress Theme Blume

Blume WordPress template provides a modifiable layout and fantastic layout and design for the two individuals and net companies. Blume is very powerful for men and women that have to showcase a picture portfolio of the work to customers or customers. No matter of how massive or small that the last web-site will be, Blume introduces the flexibility, utility and flexibility to manage this. Every component of this delightful theme concentrates on promoting ability and your ability set. The innovative capability hides behind completely effortless layout tastes and just a very small bit of unique charisma. Whatever components a freelancer or extra expert needs, Angle comes with an alternate to highlight it into the maximum benefit. The wonderful Portfolio Module makes it ideal for consumers that are creative. Several styles, dark and light skins in addition to gallery choices showcase everything from photos to technician perform to crafts in fashion.

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The Voux Responsive WordPress Premium Portfolio

the voux wordpress blog magazine theme

The Voux is a particularly attuned, retina-display ready and blank site site theme for producing an outstanding WordPress site. Pretty much all webpages are entirely customized through the Visual Composer where simple to use headers are produced, together with mega menus that use tags, subcategories or article types as an origin. Even more. Set the’Home’ header at the centre or around the left of the webpage and also incorporate an’In news detail’ page header. Navigating by way of news bulletin articles on the internet page is easily constructed for consumers as the next article heaps up whenever they scroll down. The hyperlink or even URL online browser also updates as the webpage or part of writing getting seen changes. Never end scrolling could make this feature viable. Along with information broadcast content, the template also offers great looking full-screen galleries.

The Voux also integrates social bookmarking plug-ins including sites like Facebook, twitter, Google also, and interest. Sharing information files are saved in WordPress and prominent also on the backend. Cache interval for the information and taste of social networks to be used will be customized by the use of some set of theme choices which permit you to customize more than that. Switch fonts, colours, typography and much more. And ultimately, the template could be understood on any type of machines while preserving the high caliber and without omitting any variable from the exceptional style.


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Kameleon Premium WordPress Designer Theme

wordpress full screen freelancer wordpress portfolio design theme

Greetings from Kameleon a really premium WordPress theme to your enterprise or blog. Kameleon is an outstanding, slick WordPress website log, portfolio and diary theme. Kameleon owns a pleasant, up-to-date fashion. Kameleon comes with a useful drag-and-drop builder, Visual Composer, to aid one to formulate a good deal of web site designs, even in the event that you might be no programmer. This truly is a clean, innovative in addition to nicely assemble template that’s pleasant, so it seems good on just about any PC. It’s still possible to provide for sale your product on the internet with WooCommerce, a totally free and highly regarded wordpress plugin for producing an online industry. Kameleon was assembled on an amazing arrangement to provide you many choices to tailor the theme to satisfy your requirements. Wonderful, right? A number of free of plugins have been included to ensure it’s simple and easy and funny to set up your web site. Kameleon will make it a cinch to find the theme setup, which makes you cranking out articles super quickly. Pick from numerous header layouts, numerous blog article variants, a range of distinct one of a type designs, light and dark variations, a couple of distinct coloring variations, quite several font designs, various superior sliders, large documentation and much more. Kameleon is a theme you really can develop into, and that’s just another reason to appreciate it.

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Razor WordPress Premium Blog Themes

razor wordpress premium theme

Razor is a cutting edge. Get it? Cutting edge? Never mind. This is a totally designed, solidly built premium WordPress theme for WordPress. According to a completely responsive design arrangement and encouraging Retina empowered gadgets, Razor’s excellence is more than simply shallow. The topic is filled with effective, present components as well as also the types of admin-controls and versatility you’ve got to possess to be able to personalize the website perfectly. It’s a flexible topic with unlimited possible outcomes for construction websites, classes, informal organizations, internet journals, entryways thus considerably more. Razor is a superior theme that may do the job for almost any subject or theme, has unlimited options for front page personalization and has unlimited color varieties which may be changed by way of basic yet powerful administrator dash.

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Best WordPress Video Blog Themes

We’re back with another great collection of fantastic video themes, this time, we’re dedicated to finding the absolute best video blogging themes around.  If you’re interested in even more options, try this collection of WordPress video themes.  You’re definitely going to find something you love there.

No Limits WordPress Multimedia Portfolio Theme

No Limits WOrdPress Video Blogger Theme

With No Limits, there’s nothing you can’t do.  There are a whole bunch of different versions of this theme, but we’re highlighting the video page, just so you know.  This theme is definitely a well put together, beautiful, contemporary and innovative Bootstrap built template to help you construct the online business of your wishes. This Bootstrap theme is strong, it has been carefully developed with every kind of end user at heart, from novice to very experienced professional. With the most innovative Bootstrap CSS and HTML, this WordPress theme is best for blogs and organizations of any kind, because this template is a very vibrant and enjoyable adaptable website theme, suited to almost everyone. Even if are inexperienced in WordPress, you can use No Limits theme to craft a dynamic and exceptional web site quickly, because almost every thing within this theme may be edited, even by beginner WP users. It really doesn’t make any difference what sort of subject matter you might have, from photographs to blog articles, merchandise as well as posts, this design will let you create a fantastic looking design on any kind of device, since it is flawlessly responsive as well. There are a variety of additional features that will help grow readers and actually thrill them.

No Limits theme can be installed quite rapidly and there are many plugins you could employ to produce cutting edge advantages for your web blog. An entirely responsive designed web site should be mandatory, that is why this exquisite, adjustable template has been created to be totally responsive, in order that it appears wonderful on every electronic device, every time. You are able to rather quickly build your own creative design variations with this particular beautiful theme, because it is completely modifiable as well as vibrant, expertly designed and designed in every way. This is certainly an undeniably awesome Bootstrap WordPress theme that you need to surely review.

Crema Simple Video Portfolio Themes

video wordpress themes

Crema is a video ready, multifunctional and rich featured template. The widgetized mainpage let’s you populate the frontpage however you like. Use our custom widgets to create a video, blog or business page!  For WordPress video themes to be a real hit online, they need to be feature filled and flexible, well designed and easy to use.  They really need to hit that sweet spot between ease of use and striking design.  This WordPress multimedia journal, newspaper, blog, magazine or periodical theme is well designed, modern, easy to use, engaging and beautiful because it is bug free, well designed, professional, modern and powerful. The design is modern, crisp, elegant, sleek and fashionable and it has many great features. This theme is gorgeous, feature filled, sleek, unique and flexible for any variety of video news magazine, Vblog, tutorials website, video journal or news or entertainment site. You’ll have the power to embed your clips from the biggest sites like Hulu, Youtube, Daily Motion, Vimeo or Netflix or self-host your videos.

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Videozoom Video WordPress Theme

videozoom premium video portfolio theme

Videozoom is an elegant theme with a neat featured slider, ready to play any videos and multimedia files you want to embed into your posts. With JW Player integration you can even play your self-hosted videos!  If you’re a filmmaker or videographer and you don’t want to use YouTube or Vimeo anymore, this could be a great theme.  WordPress video themes must be powerful and well designed if they’re to be successful and WPZoom has created a very successful theme in Videozoom.  WordPress video themes are the best way to create a wonderful website to showcase your video content.  This video blog, journal, periodical, magazine or newspaper theme is engaging, well designed, easy to use, beautiful and modern as it is bug free, well designed, powerful, modern and professional. The design is modern, fashionable, crisp, sleek and elegant and it has many amazing features. This video theme is gorgeous, unique, flexible, sleek and feature filled for any sort of entertainment blog, video tutorial site, video blog, video sharing page or magazine. You’ll have the ability to embed your video from the biggest sites like Daily Motion, Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu or Youtube or self-host your videos.  For more WordPress portfolio themes, try this collection.

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Photify WordPress Video Portfolio Themes

photify portfolio for videos

To create a fun, well built website, WordPress video themes can go a long way toward making your site a huge hit.  Photify is fully responsive video WordPress theme with powerful dashboard and post/page template managers. It can be used for photo and picture galleries, showcases, to create portfolios or just for blog.Theme has been checked with Theme-Check, works on new browsers, code has been validated with W3C.  With Photify, you’ve got one of the best WordPress video themes around.  This theme is equally well suited as a video periodical, journal, newspaper, blog or magazine theme is modern, engaging, beautiful, well designed and easy to use as it is well made, strong, clean, feature filled and fresh. The design is trendy, simple to use, easy to navigate, cool and refreshing and it has many incredible features. This multimedia WordPress theme is flexible, dynamic, powerful, modern and simple to use for any sort of video magazine, video website, entertainment blog, viral site or video blog. You can even embed your video from place like Hulu, Vimeo, Netflix, Daily Motion or Youtube or even host your own videos.  Check this out if you want more options for a great WordPress grid theme.

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This Way Video WordPress Templates

this way video post types WordPress video themes

This Way is designed with HTML5 & CSS3. Features include: fullscreen image & fullscreen video background with audio support.  This theme has really great navigation and that full screen video is full of impact!  This way supports audio, includes a cool portfolio filter, over six hundred Google fonts and the HTML code is bug free.  This multipurpose WordPress video blog, journal, magazine, periodical or newspaper theme is incredibly modern, well designed, easy to use, beautiful and engaging as it is professional, modern, well designed, powerful and bug free. That’s incredibly important.  The design is simple to use, cool, trendy, easy to navigate and refreshing and it has many powerful features. This WordPress video theme is very powerful, well designed, well coded, well organized and very beautiful for any kind of video website, video blog, viral site, video magazine or entertainment blog. You’ll have the power to embed clips from all the major sites like Youtube, Daily Motion, Hulu or Vimeo or self host your videos.  WordPress video themes have come a long ways in the last few years, as evidenced by This Way Theme.

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Video Pro WordPress Youtube Clone Theme

VideoPro is a feature-rich WordPress theme that’s absolutely dedicated to video, this isn’t some theme that’s been repurposed from a typical portfolio or blog theme, it’s been designed from the ground up as a completely responsive video theme for video sites, news & magazine sites or any type of sites that you can imagine that depend on offering high quality video, whether it’s self hosted or streaming from Vimeo or Youtube.  What subject matter your site is about, well that’s up to you.  The professional design, layout and clean, modern style lends itself to a wide variety of purposes, like news magazines, political videos, games, news, movies and entertainment and plenty more.  VideoPro is now fully integrated with BuddyPress too, so you can craft a solid online community around your videos.  Pretty handy.  For more BuddyPress WordPress themes, check this out.

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Brooklyn WordPress Full Screen Video Blog

WordPress full screen theme

Create an attractive and highly-functional one-page website with the Brooklyn WordPress theme. One page site style is both incredibly popular and a potential challenge for designers because every bit of content needs to be organized in its proper place for the most user-friendly experience. Brooklyn offers multiple layout options, stunning Parallax scrolling and an intuitive backend that will help anyone design a stunning website with ease. This WP theme works well for companies in any industry, freelance portfolios, group or club web pages, travel agencies and more.

Brooklyn was one of the most popular one page themes on Themeforest in 2013, 2014 and 2015 as well.  It’s still going very strong and this parallax theme is ideal for a photographer, web design firm or a music video producer.  Who knows, the options are basically limitless.  Brooklyn has been so finely crafted, it looks great for any purpose.

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Chapter Two WordPress Video Theme

wordpress theme for video players

Chapter Two is a WordPress Video Theme developed by oitentaecinco and made available through themeforest.com. This is a multipurpose theme that can be customized to match the end user’s preference. It comes with six predesigned skins: Business skin, Futuristic skin, Clean skin, Spa skin, Teen skin, and Glamour skin. It sports a responsive design which allows any website running on the Chapter Two theme to display seamlessly in any kind of screen. Other features that you will enjoy with the Chapter Two theme are: five custom post types (portfolio, services, staff, FAQ, and testimonials), seven regular post formats, built-in revolution slider, a theme options panel, unlimited color schemes, boxed and wide layout options, breadcrumbs support, Google Web Fonts, Google analytics integration, different sidebar option, customizable PSDs, error page customization, social media sharing buttons, a built-in logo uploader, and translation-ready .mo and .po files.
As a multipurpose website theme, Chapter Two makes it easier for you to create posts using shortcodes. Included shortcodes are for creation of column layouts, videos, toggles, Google maps, tabs, call to actions, accordions, slideshows, drop caps, buttons, highlights, dividers, list styles, and notification boxes. The Chapter Two theme can also work as a magazine theme where you can post regular updates or news about persons, products, or events. The theme’s easy-to-use features make this possible.  Here are some more great looking WordPress magazine themes you might like.

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Gigawatt WordPress Video Themes

gigawatt wordpress video theme

This is Gigawatt, Obox design’s most popular WordPress theme ever.  This theme is built for video, with a front page that’s just screaming for your self hosted clips, or even a link to Vimeo or Youtube.  Gigawatt is eCommerce ready too, so you can sell digitally downloadable products, or even tangible goods or services.  Pretty sweet.  The great thing about this combination is if you wanted to sell products before, you’d have to cobble together some kind of Frankenstein’s monster of themes with two different templates doing the work that should have been done by a single theme.  That’s why Gigawatt is so valuable. There are eight amazing page layouts, a lovely slider feature, quotes post type, a portfolio section, as we said it’s WooCommerce ready, supports Google fonts for crystal clear and powerhouse typography.  The list of features goes on and on.  Check out these WordPress responsive themes to create amazing mobile friendly websites.

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Inspiro Video Blog and Portfolio Theme

inspiro wordpress video portfolio theme

Whether you need a website for an up-and-coming corporation, a nonprofit organization, your own freelance design work or a personal gallery page, the Inspiro WordPress theme can deliver an ideal solution that fulfills your unique needs beautifully. The professional structure and highly appealing aesthetic make the end result simply stunning, but the work it takes to get to that point is so easy you might not believe you can achieve it. No code knowledge is required since Inspiro comes packaged complete with the premium Visual Customizer and Dynamic Homepage Builder plug-ins that allow anyone to create appealing layouts and eye-catching designs upon the powerful ZOOM framework. All of these offer highly intuitive options so they are very easy to use no matter what type of design you want to end up with. Just some of the options possible with Inspiro include full control over background graphics, color schemes, company logos and included photos. There are both premade page layouts and the opportunity to build your own structure with ease. Include a gallery of artwork or photographs and even build an online store with functional and secure shopping pages. No matter what your purpose for building an online platform, the Inspiro WordPress theme can help you achieve your goals with inspired style.  To showcase your video content, WordPress video themes are the best solution.

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Primero is a wonderfully simple, strategically designed WordPress video magazine and blog theme.  Primero could be great for a newspaper, periodical, magazine, journal or blog theme, as long s video is your medium of choice.   Primero is beautiful, exceedingly easy to use, very engaging for the end user, it’s modern and well designed because it is strong, fresh, well made, clean and feature filled. The design is fashionable, elegant, crisp, sleek and modern and it has many powerful features.  This WordPress video theme is modern, simple to use, powerful, dynamic and flexible for any variety of entertainment blog, video magazine, viral site, video website or video blog. What’s more, you can totally embed clips from some of the really big sites like Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, Daily Motion or even Youtube.  Hey, you can even host your own video files if you so choose. This theme has a great deal of impressive elements you’ll enjoy, such as premium plugin support, multiple beautiful, responsive layouts, great support and documentation, powerful theme customization options and extensive video documentation.

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We’ll be back very soon with more outstanding video WordPress blog themes so stay tuned!


A Dozen of the Best Single Page WordPress Templates Available Today


Soho is a contemporary, very attractive complete display WordPress portfolio theme that can help you make a 1 page site using fantastic navigation, 100% responsive layout, modernist, crisp, crisp, glossy lines and a lot of features. There is a masonry portfolio using two, four or three columns to maintain your pictures appearing well organized. (Insert glitter to get a fun effect!) Enable or disable filters, select from among the numerous blot effects and it supports mild box. The carousel slider is a great touch with discretionary infinite loop, 100% responsive pictures on mobile devices, drag and swipe management systems. Even adjust the borders between lines and select from arrow or dot navigation. Showcase an unlimited number of projects having a wonderful single webpage theme. This theme is simple. It is really hard to make a theme that seems this straightforward and stripped down, but provides the number of attributes this template does. Modify just about whatever you see,Soho provides you the complete freedom and ability to make whatever you imagine.


Kameleon is a high quality drag and drop WordPress theme which lets you make a remarkably comprehensive and useful lone page WordPress established site without needing to learn how to code. All of it takes places from the unbelievable Visual Composer plugin, which means you simply need to drag and drop your way to an amazing and outstanding, contemporary and clean, enjoyable and beneficial layout. Kameleon is a multipurpose web template for all needs. Kameleon is 100% responsive and retina ready also, so it seems fantastic. Whatever device your audiences use to get your website, it is going to look fantastic. Multiple pre-defined designs are included and much more are on the way each month. The designers prefer to maintain this theme new. These are exceptional designs also, in a dark or light standard skin. Allow the sense of your site be ordered by your own brand, not from the constraints placed on you by a poor WordPress theme. Sell products together with WooCommerce, in case you have any fantastic products to market.


Attitude is a sexy looking single-page multimedia site theme. The gallery portfolio article types, together with video and audio post kinds, imply this is a fantastic theme for any type of artist. This theme is really tasteful in every single way, but it’s also practical and aesthetically pleasing. That is a fantastic combo!


Nonus is a wordpress parallax portfolio theme using a 1 page choice to make a great experience for your customers, even though it also includes a multi-page version should you choose to go that path. This item has over 50 shortcodes! Customized widgets, 600+ google fonts and also lots of different choices to keep things clean. However, I’ve discovered that the choices are not too overpowering, so it is a nice selection for novices too.


Should you invest your cash on a top theme for WordPress sites, you want the most features possible and the simplest customization. Soledad delivers all you will expect from such a theme and much more than you may have thought possible. From the WP theme business, Soledad retains remarkable sales records and contains enormous quantities of glowing reviews from customers. Its popularity stems from the huge selection of features and customizable options contained standard for this retina-ready, fully 100% responsive theme. Within this universe of on-the-go internet browsing, you want a website that shows up in high definition to the smallest smartphone displays as well as on huge desktop screens. Soledad WP theme provides you that. However, what else does this give you?

Soledad provides over 200 different pages, site and slideshow design arrangements to construct genuinely unique websites. Over 250 special demo pages could be set up using a simple mouse click and then used as is or as a template to get more customization choices. Its assortment of designs includes 5 textual layouts, 3 distinct sidebar choices and 6 exceptional portfolios. Numerous galleries of any fashion let website owners exhibit images neatly. Total colour choice possibilities are encouraged also. With all these choices from the Soledad WordPress theme, it might be reassuring to know it comes outfitted with all the WordPress Live Customizer attribute. This permits you to find the modifications you make before they go live so it’s possible to tweak everything multiple times prior to finalizing the ideal fashion.


Creating amazing content which you may be proud of? Well, why don’t you show it off with Profile from Organic Themes. This is just one page vCard theme constructed on a rock-solid responsive frame. It is WooCommerce harmonious to boot up, so if you are promoting a product, you are able to get going in a hurry. A great deal of customization choices will allow you to create your site different from anything else on the market, giving a fantastic user experience that Google actually respects.


Constructed with compliant HTML5 code over the Bootstrap 3 frame, the Leviate WordPress theme provides entirely 100% responsive design, retina-ready graphic capacities and also the many innovative customization choices found for one page contemporary site.

The ease of the theme belies its ample power. It loads fast, looks fantastic on most of monitors and display sizes and provides inmate search engine optimization advantages. Levitate also provides complete integration with global translation plug-ins so that your company can better achieve the worldwide industry.


907 is a nicely crafted parallax design theme for everybody searching for a novel way to display their products and services. Do not worry, even if you would like to decide on a multi-page set up, 907 can manage that too. 907’s trendy and fun animated sequences and adjustments which make everything feel and behave exceptionally new but natural in precisely the exact same moment. The amazing, parallax portfolio segment is easy and structurally sound and could be customized at a snap and it is translation ready also, which means that you are able to offer your audiences a different experience based on where they are browsing in from. Single webpage WordPress themes will need to be like 907.


SCRN is among these themes that grabs your attention and never lets go. Hold me! SCRN includes a extensive theme choices panel, so it’s easy to navigate through all of the customization options it provides. And simply put, SCRN provides up a few of the very best aid in WordPress community. I am not sure you will want it SCRN is quite simple and it’s simple to begin.


Eco is a 1 page parallax theme that is going to drive your traffic crazy. Look at this! Touch swipe service is fine, the entire display slider is much better and the 1 webpage parallax features set this one on the top. It is slick. It is 100% responsive. It’s dripping with attitude! (Do not fret however, Ego is much more than just a pretty face, this theme is coded and it has got scads of attributes. And of course top notch assistance from UD Themes.)


While the listing of advantages to utilizing the NEXT WordPress theme are numerous, a few that stand out among the contest include parallax desktop scrolling, complete retina screen, innovative navigation menu alternatives, neat cartoon along with the Live Metro Panel which helps you look magnificent portfolio sites quickly. This flat style, metro design theme is really a winner if you would like to make an impactful vCard or restart site.

If speed is the attention, the 3 premade homepage demos could be launched since they look. Multiple customization options exist for people who would like a more technical look. The NEXT WP theme, constructed on the Bootstrap three frame, provides dozens of sleek animation effects, parallax scrolling, and Ajax portfolio content and option lightbox for greater viewing by all website visitors.


SimpleKey is a single-pager theme that’s a superb way to present your business or support to a larger audience. It is multipurpose, so in the event that you would like a site, a portfolio and more, such as article types to present your group, price tables and much more, then this theme is best.


Nature calls! This inventive single page theme is 100% responsive and has a superbly straightforward and natural feeling layout. If you would like to showcase your online business using a contemporary appearance and down to Earth attributes, Nature might be a fantastic fit. This theme uses the most recent technology, CSS3, Bootstrap and HTML 5 to receive all nerdy on youpersonally, and it allows you to showcase your abilities to prospective customers. This might be a fantastic vCard theme. I am all for any 1 page WordPress theme that could pull double duty like this. Multitasking for the triumph!


Eivissa, from Distinctive Themes and ThemeForest, is a contemporary theme, probably best used as a landing page or even a single-page private blogging platform. It is strong enough to adapt to almost any application you can imagine however. I adore the cross browser compatibility, the strong options panel along with the superior code. This theme is actually simple to set up also, so you need to feel assured if you opt to put in this one. This 1 pager will blow you away, if you’re trying to find a WordPress theme that really does a lot with a bit.


The Uncode WordPress theme provides businesses in a variety of businesses the capacity to produce either single or multiple page sites which attract and convert traffic into paying clients and customers. Its compact style works nicely with targets like travel agencies, graphic design classes, photography studios, freelance professionals, artwork portfolios, company webpages and perhaps even easy personal sites for people or groups.

Uncode comes packed with 15 simple to put in premade page demos. These totally 100% responsive pages could be seen on tablets tablet computers, notebooks and desktop computers easily. If you design your site, you can start with one or more of those pages and make customization decisions dependent on the specific requirements of your business or self. The Uncode WordPress theme is totally incorporated with 600+ Google fonts, multiple gallery and portfolio design alternatives, unique site post layouts along with the strong WooCommerce plugin. This permits everyone to run their very own online store easily and total security.

If any questions arise during the installation or installation process, the programmers of this Uncode WP theme offer entirely professional, polite and skilled support who could be reached for any reason.

Panels is a 1 page theme that is slightly unique I believe. The MOLITOR has made this theme to use AJAX to load all your sites’panels’ with the WordPress native ‘Next Page’ ability. Neat! It is 100% responsive also, so it is going to look fantastic on all apparatus. I believe that the theme customizer, that can be comprised, is a tasteful approach to control a good deal of different design options in a single easy solution. Panels strikes me as among the superior simple, single page themes for WordPress. Enjoy!


Renova is rapidly approaching classic standing. This 1 page 100% responsive portfolio theme has a very unique flat style layout, supports multiple article formats, includes a directionally conscious gallery along with a lot of short-codes included. All that along with a back of processors! Renova may be easy, but it is strong and flexible enough for more than only a simple personal site or landing page. It has got the capability to utilize a 1 page setup using added standalone webpages to make it a much greater experience for your customers. Flat one page WordPress themes do not get any greater than Renova.

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Best Video Themes for Film Makers

If you’re a film or video maker, you know the value of a great WordPress theme to help make your projects look the best they can look.  That’s why we’ve gathered up some of the absolute best film maker and video maker WordPress portfolio themes.  That’s what this collection is all about.  Video is big business these days and with all of the tools at your disposal to create amazing content, it’s critical to have a theme that helps make the job even easier.  We’ve found a wide variety of WordPress themes for filmmakers, cinematographers, videographers and more.  Whether you’re a professional or just having some fun in your spare time, these themes will give you a massive headstart to creating an incredible website.  If you’re looking for more great WordPress video themes, we’ve made an even larger collection you might be interested in.

The Core Creative WordPress Video Portfolio Theme

the core wordpress theme portfolio


The Core is a truly powerful filmmaker’s WordPress theme with (as of right now) 16 different variations depending on what sort of business you’re in.  I’m recommending this version for a video or multimedia creative firms, but you may like it for any sort of business from web design to app development.  The design is sharp, creative and fun, perfect for showing off all kinds of projects, whether they’re video or graphic images.  There’s a built in visual page builder, a boat-load of simple to change theme options, it’s WooCommerce compatible and even comes with demo content, so you can get your site up and running quickly.  Just swap in your own content and you’re ready to rock and roll.  We’ve included a different version of this Core theme in our collection of minimalist WordPress themes.  Hope you enjoy it!

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Video Cafe

This is Video Cafe, a WordPress multimedia periodical, journal, magazine, newspaper or blog theme that’s aimed directly at filmmakers and videographers.  With WordPress and a theme like Video Cafe, you can set up nearly any type of video based site you want.  Let people share viral videos, post their thoughts, watch the videos you either embed or self host.  The choices are endless and they’re yours entirely.  This magazine template is beautiful, engaging, well designed, easy to use and modern as it is professional, bug free, ultra-powerful and respectable looking.  Refreshing design?  Oh yeah.  It’s trendy, cool, stylish yet very easy to navigate.  Video Cafe is simple to use and it has many great features like front end uploading, so you can directly upload videos from the homepage without going into the back end.  Pretty slick.  There’s auto-youtube sync,  a magazine homepage and more.

This Video Cafe theme is well designed, very beautiful, well coded, well organized and very powerful for any variety of video website, video magazine, video blog, viral site or entertainment blog. You can absolutely embed your clips from place like Hulu, Vimeo, Netflix, Daily Motion or Youtube or host your own videos. With Video Cafe you’ll get a pile of great options such as powerful theme options, fantastic support, front end user posting, multiple layout variations and a great responsive design.  All that makes this a fine choice for any video site.

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Webly Video Portfolio WordPress Theme

webly wordpress video portfolio theme

Webly is a classicly designed portfolio theme for videos, brought to you by the original WordPress experts, Elegant Themes.  They’re the leading developer of WordPress themes for a reason, great design, fantastic support and a wide range of stylish options.  Elegant Themes offers perpetual code updates, so this theme will never go out of style.  They also offer guaranteed browser compatibility, localization, custom color schemes and more.  Webly has a charming design, full of elemens that help separate it from the others.  It’s fun, the multimedia alider really helps show off your videos and we think you’re going to love it.  This theme gives you a great deal of remarkable options including multiple layout variations, a great responsive design, fantastic support, powerful theme options and front end user posting. This multimedia theme is modern, flexible, dynamic, simple to use and powerful for any kind of entertainment blog, video blog, video tutorial site, magazine or video sharing page. You can absolutely embed videos from all the major sites like Vimeo, Daily Motion, Youtube, Hulu or Netflix or self-host your videos.

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Flexible WordPress Portfolio Theme For Videos

flexible wordpress portfolio video theme

The Flexible WordPress Theme is geared towards visual artists, illustrators, photographers, and videographers who want to showcase their art in their websites. What sets the Flexible WordPress Theme apart is that its main page also includes your latest blog posts or other information you wish your readers to see first. All these are possible without changing the theme’s lines of code. All you have to do is update the theme options on the WordPress dashboard with a single mouse click.  For additional WordPress portfolio themes, try this collection.

Other features of the Flexible WordPress Theme includes a minimalist design (you can choose between six premade color schemes), sortable galleries, dedicated customer support team, Ajax compatibility, responsive design, different preinstalled page templates, multiple browser compatibility, and 16 shortcodes. The Flexible theme’s shortcodes are for creating button varieties, content boxes, toggled content, tabbed content, slideshows, image sliders, easy tooltips, social media buttons, password protected content, author info, column layouts, customized icon lists, pricing tables, testimonials, drop caps, and quotes. The theme also includes translation-ready files in case you want to use the theme for websites set in another language.

Flexible is one of the WordPress video themes created by Elegant Themes. It is part of their theme gallery available for a yearly fee. Updates and access to Elegant Themes gallery will cease if you cancel your subscription.

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VideoTube Modern WordPress Video Portfolio Theme

videotube.marstheme.com-HomePage - VideoTube - A Responsive Video WordPress Theme

The VideoTube theme offers loads of outstanding elements you’ll love, including powerful theme options, fantastic support, a great responsive design, multiple layout variations and front end user posting. VideoTube is not exactlya  YouTube clone, but it does offer a lot of the same elements in terms of allowing you to share self hosted video clips on your website, though you may also link to other video sites to embed files in your posts.  This theme is gorgeous, feature filled, flexible, sleek and unique for any sort of Vlog, tutorials website, news or entertainment site, video news magazine or video journal. You may embed videos from video sites like Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube or Daily Motion or host your own video files.  This video periodical, newspaper, journal, magazine or blog theme is modern, well designed, engaging, easy to use and beautiful as it is feature filled, strong, well made, clean and fresh. The design is fashionable, modern, sleek, crisp and elegant and it has many great features.

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Gleam Elegant Video Theme For WordPress

Gleam WordPress theme for filmmakers

Gleam is one of the best.  it’s an elegant and lovely full-screen theme, responsive and fluid, so it look good on any device.  Showcase your pictures and images fullscreen, not covered up by your content.  If you’re building a video portfolio for WordPress, this theme could be a good way to do it, since the level of features and flexibility is high.  The support from Elegant Themes is among the very best too, so you can feel confident that if you run into troubles, you’re just an email away from help.  Their help forum is really extensive, so there’s help available there as well.  With Elegant Themes, you’ll always get a fantastic set of documentation to get you started, the support is fantastic and each of their themes is really easy to use.

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News Tube Video Theme Youtube Clone

news tube wordpress video theme

NewsTube is a well organized and clean, modern video theme for Video, Blog and even Magazine sites, depending on what you want to use it for. I love it for video and film makers though, since it really presents your video clips in a stylish, modern and clean way.  News Tube is totally responsive, retina ready and has many powerful features, so it will look fantastic, no matter what device your viewers are using, from tablet to handheld to desktop computer. This powerful video magazine theme comes with a bunch of flexible theme layouts and even boasts of extensive Theme Options.  That allows you to easily customize your website exactly the way you need it to be to give your readers a great experience.  Cool.  NewsTube supports videos from many popular sites including Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion and you can even self host videos too. With this video theme, you can submit video from front-end, create great video channels and playlists, or import YouTube Videos and Channels to your website.  No matter what kind of video magazine you want to run, NewsTube is a great solution to get the most out of the great videos that you create.

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Okay, that’s all of the video themes for filmmakers we have.  If you like it, let us know and we’ll always be on the lookout for more amazing WordPress themes.

Several Amazing WordPress Twitter Bootstrap Themes

We’re back with another collection of WordPress Twitter bootstrap themes to help you find an amazing looking theme.


Balloon WordPress Portfolio Theme

Balloon is a beautiful theme for farmer’s markets, organic produce vendors, small family farms and other sorts of businesses where fresh farm produced products are at center stage.  Balloon comes with three main demo sites for the front page, Spring, Summer and Autumn, each gives a slightly different feel.  This is truly a perfectly made, attractive, crisp and ground breaking Bootstrap based template which can help you make the website of your desires. This design is ultra powerful, it’s been constructed with every type of individual in mind, from newbie to experienced professional. With the most recent Bootstrap HTML and CSS, this template is ideal for web sites and companies of any type, since this template is a very dynamic and enjoyable multi-use template, ideal for everybody. Even if are inexperienced in the WordPress platform, you can use this website theme to develop a lively and stylish online business rapidly, because just about every thing within this template can be edited, even by first time WP buyers. It really doesn’t matter exactly what content material you have, from graphics to articles, merchandise or anything else, this theme will let you establish a good appearing theme on whatever device, given that it’s entirely responsive as well.
There are numerous additional features that may assist you continue building an audience and truly engage with them.This web site sets up promptly and there are many plugins that one could utilize to provide groundbreaking options for your web blog. A perfectly responsive theme is terribly important, which is why this breathtaking, flexible template has been produced to be completely responsive, in order that it looks excellent on any sort of device, no matter the size. It is possible to rather quickly develop your own one-of-a-kind designs utilizing this Bootstrap theme, as it’s incredibly accommodating and powerful, expertly constructed and created in every way. This really is an undoubtedly great Bootstrap WordPress theme that you ought to unquestionably consider.  For more WordPress minimalist themes, try our full collection.



Foevis (who names these things, what a dumb name for a WordPress theme!), is a skillfully made, beautiful, contemporary and ground breaking Bootstrap coded WP theme which can help you make the website of your desires, irrespective of what niche you’re in, whether you want a portfolio site or a blog, even a news magazine or an eCommerce storefront. This WordPress bootstrap theme is powerful, it has been constructed with all types of individual at heart, from newbie to expert. With the newest Bootstrap CSS and HTML, this template is perfect for web sites and enterprises of any type, because this design is a really energetic and enjoyable multipurpose template, suitable for everyone. Even if are a new comer to the WordPress CMS, you can make use of this website theme to craft a lively and lovely internet site promptly, since close to everything in this design can be edited, even by newbie WP individuals. It doesn’t make a difference the kind of material you may have, from photographs to blog posts, goods or anything else, this WordPress theme allows you to construct a great appearing theme on any sort of electronic device, because it is wonderfully responsive as well. There are numerous other characteristics that will help generate readers and truly make them happy.  Here are some more WordPress WooCommerce Themes.

This website installs very quickly and there are various plugins which you could use to provide you with innovative functions for your site. A wonderfully responsive site is a must, which is why this extraordinary, adjustable website has been designed to be completely responsive, in order that it looks excellent on each and every computer or device, no matter how large or small. You are able to swiftly develop your own one-of-a-kind versions with this particular Bootstrap theme, as it is so accommodating and vibrant, efficiently developed and designed in every way. This really is a truly superb WordPress theme that you should absolutely examine.

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This is a properly made, sexy, lively and innovative Bootstrap based template that could help you produce the site of your own dreams. This theme is effective, it’s been made with all sorts of person in your mind, from newcomer to expert. Together with the most advanced Bootstrap code, this theme is perfect for blog websites and associations of almost any variety, since this template is a very energetic and trendy multipurpose template, suited to nearly everybody. Even if you’re not familiar with WP, then you may use this WordPress theme to look for a lively and pretty website quickly, because essentially everything in this design could be edited, even by rookie WP consumers. It does not make a difference what type of material you’ve , from photos to blog articles, product and articles, this layout will allow you to build the best appearing layout on just about any computer, since it really is perfectly purely responsive too. There’s a good deal of different purposes that will assist you keep constructing followers and really engage together.  Here is our full collection of WordPress grid themes to check out.

This website is set up quickly and there are numerous plugins that you could use to provide revolutionary skills for your internet site. An entirely purely responsive site is actually important, that’s the main reason why this stunning, flexible template was made to be absolutely purely responsive, so it looks astonishing on any type of computer or device, however large or little. It’s likely to quickly put together your very own one-of-a-kind design variations with this nicely designed theme, since it really is indeed modifiable and strong, properly organized and created in every way. This is surely a totally impressive Bootstrap theme which you want to undoubtedly review.

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This theme is really a well engineered, stylish, glossy and innovative Bootstrap established WP theme which could assist you to establish the internet page of your dreams. This design is effective, it’s been developed with each sort of user in mind, from novice to pro. Together with the hottest Bootstrap CSS and HTML, this theme is excellent for weblogs and partnerships of any sort, because this layout is an amazing vibrant and enjoyable elastic site theme, made for nearly everyone. Regardless of the fact you might be are fresh to the WordPress platform, you might use this site theme to craft a lively and intriguing web-site swiftly, because practically everything in this design could be edited, even by rookie WP people. It doesn’t matter which sort of material you’ve , from photos to posts, product or anything else, this layout will allow you to create a wonderful looking layout on almost any computer, because it’s absolutely purely responsive too. There are an assortment of different qualities that will support you build audiences and really thrill them.  For more WordPress full screen themes, try our main collection.

This web-site is put up without delay and there are tons of plugins that you can utilize to offer fresh features for your website. A totally purely responsive site ought to be mandatory, that’s precisely why this appealing, flexible template was produced to be absolutely purely responsive, so it appears great on each and each computer or apparatus, each and every moment. You can quickly create your one of a kind designs for this specific theme, because it really is really practical and lively, economically crafted and created in every way. This is an undeniably remarkable WordPress theme which you will need to definitely evaluate.

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This one is a properly constructed, gorgeous, lively and ground breaking Bootstrap established template that will assist you produce the page of your own hopes and dreams. This Bootstrap theme is powerful, it’s been carefully designed with all sorts of consumer in your mind, from newcomer to a specialist. Together with the hottest Bootstrap HTML and CSS, this template is excellent for organizations and sites of any sort, provided this layout is an unbelievably lively and enjoyable multipurpose site theme, ideal suited to everyone. Even in the event that you might be are unfamiliar with all the WordPress CMS, then you might use this theme to make an energetic and trendy web page without any delay, because quite practically everything in this design could be edited, even by a beginner WordPress users. It does not make any difference the type of content material you’ve , from pictures to blog articles, products or articles, this layout will permit you to produce a great seeming theme on any pc, as it’s absolutely purely responsive too. There are loads of different features that may help you keep building listeners and really engage together.

This website installs quite easily and you will find a lot of plugins that you may use to provide you with cutting edge skills for your own blog. An entirely purely responsive internet site is very important, which explains why this appealing, adaptive template was made to be entirely purely responsive, therefore it seems cool on any kind of smart device, each and every moment. You’re able to quickly make your very own unusual designs using this theme, since it is incredibly adaptive and strong, professionally produced and generated in every manner. This is in fact a totally amazing WordPress bootstrap theme you want to definitely check out.  Here are some more of the best WordPress portfolio themes.

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